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We organized our first Juneteenth celebration in the summer of 2020. It was an intimate gathering made up of a small group of concerned and enthusiastic local Springboro residents interested in bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion (i.e., DEI) more to the forefront of the community. We met in a park--we talked, reflected, celebrated, and dreamed of something more. From that small group, PEACOC (Parents Empowering All Children of Color), a nonprofit championing DEI in Springboro schools, was started, and work to make the Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee a reality began. That once small gathering in the park was then developed into a city-wide annual festival for Springboro and beyond, all of which has been possible with generous support from the city of Springboro, the Warren County Foundation, countless sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and many other invested community organizations, churches, government leaders, schools, and citizens.

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The Springboro Juneteenth planning committee worked to grow the event and officially launched the Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee in the summer of 2021, with more volunteers, sponsors, live acts, and multiple venues throughout the city. In our second year of the Jubilee, we added additional venues such as the Jazz Dinner and included an UnDesign the Redline historical exhibit. We also expanded our reach beyond the Springboro community, to include more friends from Greater Dayton, Kettering, Fairborn, Lebanon, Greater Cincinnati, and more.

As a result, in 2022, PEACOC received an "Emerging Organization" Community Service Award from the Warren County Foundation for its efforts in the Springboro community, including its work with the Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee. It was a proud accomplishment for the entire Jubilee planning committee.


Juneteenth is a federal holiday day celebrating Freedom for all United States citizens. It commemorates the day in our history, June 19, 1865, when General Gordon Granger announced freedom to the formerly enslaved Black people remaining in Texas, two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.​ It is a day we celebrate our shared history, Freedom, and continued commitment to equity and inclusion for all. 


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This year, we are proud to be celebrating our Fourth Annual Springboro Juneteenth Jubilee happening June 15-22nd, 2024. We will host five unique events throughout the city of Springboro, Ohio, and hope even more people come out to experience the jubilation firsthand. All are welcome! Stay tuned for more updates and reach out if you are interested in becoming a vendorsponsor or volunteer!



Springboro is a significant landmark in the history of the Underground Railroad and abolitionist movement. Our founding Quaker community played a major role as a  safe harbor for Freedom Seekers paving the way for Freedom for Black Americans. A major focal point of our event is spotlighting the historical significance of Springboro's  place in the Underground Railroad, with opportunities to learn about real sites that are part of our local history while we support and showcase Black culture, history, and businesses.

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